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BIKE POINT REYES – A Biking Paradise!      Bike and Go Green!

Biking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors! First, choose a bike and then use our Trail Guide to plan your adventure.

Electric Bikes: $30 per first hour, then + $10 hour, maxing at $80 per day


Bike Tours Electric Bikes

EZip EcoRide Electric Assist Bike: Bicycles are a great way to get around. However, sometimes you just need a little more peddling power.  Enter the EZip EcoRide electric comfort bike, which is designed with a 250-watt DC earth magnet motor and a 24-volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It operates much cleaner than gas powered scooters yet faster than a regular bicycle.  The Coastline will get you to anywhere you want efficiently fast and without costly gas or emitting pollution in the process. The battery provides a range of 15 to 22 miles per charge, so you can ride it back and forth to many destinations without running out of power. Once on the road, the Eco Ride can handle a top speed of 15 miles per hour (depending on the weight of the rider) and fast enough for most city streets. Is your work commute too far to walk yet too close to drive a car?  Then the EcoRide is the perfect solution. The EcoRide comes with a rear rack.

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